Thursday, March 13, 2014

MALAYSIA - RAJA BOMOH - MH370 // 말레이시아 - 무당 왕 - MH370

  Assalamualaikum , Hi Hello, 안녕하세요 ,Guten Tag , こんにちは, 你好,привет , bonjour to all readers/people out there!!!! how are you doing? fine? or nicht so gut?
me? Oh i'm Good! ^^ Thanks To Allah (Alhamdulillah)

Ok i would like to share about SHAMAN!! yeahh shaman... the latest issue of WORLDwide -->  Malaysians is using blackmagic to find MH370 ( malaysia airlines) ???? and the whole world is laughing...

I'll share some information to you before "u alls " laughing until your "Perut boroi" Burst, and Dissing the islam...just because of SHAMAN ( RAJA BOMOH)

1. Malaysia have many type of race/people/nation(?) such as chinese, indian, malay, etc..

2.  there are also different religion such as Islam, Budha, kristian ....

3. Although someone is called "malay"/"chinese"/ "indian",  she/he is not necessarily "Muslim(Islam)" maybe she/ he is budha or.. kristian... & also it can be.. "Chinese-muslim(islam ppl)" / "Indian-Muslim"/ "Malay-Muslim"  and of course in Malaysia, the majority of Malay people are Muslim. Me? i'm chinese + malay but ,i'm muslim

4.So back to the topic above,  the raja bomoh ( shaman ) doing a 'blackmagic' to find MH370 is not the way of Islam. maybe he is Malay-Muslim but he's not using the right way (khurafat way). AGAIN! repeated!! what Raja Bomoh doing, is not the way of Islam( NOT a Islamic teaching ).

'BlackMagic' / Shaman!-- THis one is not the Islamic way / teaching !!! 

Solat hajat - Islamic way to getting help from our CREATOR ( Allah s.w.t)

with the solat hajat (Pray) and du'a ,  Allah S.W.T will help us to find MH370 ( show us the way )

P/S: because of this shaman (Raja bomoh) , the whole world laughing at Malaysians (especially malay) *facepalm*
FYI, not all malaysians  are like that shaman.. only few stupid people are... #Stupidity #Tahap #Gaban
 i repeat again the way of Raja bomoh to find MH370 is  Nonsense, its khurafat.

#GSI #LuvU #GiveMe5 #SpreadTheLove #ForeverMyLove #TeamLast24Hr #TroubleMaker

  " I'm sorry because my english is not good"

Islam is Perfect,But I am Not
If  mistake happen, blame me..

"aku  bersaksi tiada tuhan yang berhak disembah melainkan Allah, dan bersaksi Nabi Muhammad pesuruh Allah "

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